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Who we are at Calvary Baptist Church.

Core Values:

  • Spirit-filled Worship
  • Developing Disciples
  • Enhancing the Quality of Community Life
  • Developing Leaders

Who We Are

Mission Statement:

Church’s Mission

The Mission of Calvary Baptist Church of White Plains is to Win More Souls for Jesus Christ through Evangelism, Public Worship, Christian Education, Pastoral Care and Community Engagement. - Matthew 28:19-20 and Ephesians 4:11-13                                                                  

Win More Souls for Jesus Christ through Evangelism – St. Mark 16:15

The winning of souls for Jesus Christ is approached through the means of congregational lifestyle evangelism. This involves a lifestyle representative of a living witness that exemplifies the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His unending love to all humanity.  Found in the Great Commission of St. Matthew 28:19-20 and the empowering text of Acts 1:8 the witness of Jesus Christ is embodied and illuminated in the lives of the Disciples of Jesus Christ. This becomes congregational evangelism to win more souls. 

 Public Worship – Psalms 150:6

As a congregation aimed with intentional worship together through the means of Prayer, Praise and all Acts to glorify God. Our Public Worship is intergenerational to God in Spirit and Truth.  Past traditions that honor the presence of God along with the fresh move of the Holy Spirit will unite us in corporate worship.  The operation of public worship is based on the devotion of private home and family worship. 

 Christian Education- Psalms 119:11

The Ministry of Christian Education is directed towards all ages to enhance a progressive approach to Discipleship. The Christian Education Ministry offers an enriched ministry of instructions and training to discover the gifts and talents of the congregation and others.  The main objective of the Christian Education Ministry is to train and equip all ages to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a formulated manner as well as teaching discipleship to mature the congregation in the faith of Christianity. 

 Pastoral Care - St. John 21:17

It is through the concept identified as the Jethro Principle where a twofold approach for the care of the leader and the people has been developed and enhanced in the six chapters of the Book of Acts. 

The Pastoral Care Ministry strives to engage the congregation by checking on their wellbeing, nurturing faith, bringing support to the needy, encouraging the depressed and equipping and strengthening the congregation as they continue to mature as Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Pastoral Care is charged to also take care and look after the wellbeing of the Shepherd of the flock. The care of the pastor is necessary for the full operation of the mission of the local church. 

 Community Engagement. – ​ St. Matthew 5:13 - 16​      

To initiate community projects for the enrichment of the community at large. To work in conjunction with community-based organizations and social welfare agencies.  This partnership is for  the improvement of the standard of living of all races, creeds and colors. In obedience to the scriptures, we will be the light and salt to our neighborhoods to make known the grace of the Kingdom of God in the City of White Plains and beyond.